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NJ is an internationally respected peer-reviewed journal, providing the drama education community of teachers, arts practitioners and researchers with reflection, discussion and research into innovative drama praxis, across  the many fields of drama practice in Australia and internationally.

NJ includes:

  • Stories of classroom drama, applied theatre and theatre in the community.
  • Theoretical papers from Australian and overseas conferences.
  • Accounts of research from teacher-researchers and academics.
  • Reviews of newly published books on drama practice and research, theatre and performance texts, journals and conferences.

Contributors to NJ come from all sectors of the drama education community and from all parts of Australia and the world. The journal is currently produced twice yearly and the editors welcome submissions at any time.
Contributions can be submitted electronically to: 

Director of Publications

Dr Madonna Stinson


We are seeking papers for NJ: Drama Australia Journal, Vol 42, Issue 1, 2018. For more information, please click HERE
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NJ Vol 42, Issue 1, 2018 Call for Papers

NJ Vol 42, Issue 2, 2018 Call for Papers [Special Edition with Drama NZ]