President’s Award


We are excited to announce Professor Sandra Gattenhof as the 2021 Drama Australia President’s Award recipient!

Sandra Gattenhof (Queensland University of Technology) has contributed tirelessly to the Drama and Arts Education community at the state, national and international level, not only as an educator but also as President of Drama Qld 1998 – 2000, Drama Australia President 2004 – 2008, member of the NAAE board and IDEA Vice-President 2007 – 2008. Sandra is an advocate for Drama and the Arts being a vital part of all five Arts areas represented in The Australian Curriculum.

Sandra’s work will continue to guide and inspire Arts educators both here in Australia and worldwide.

Thank you for your many contributions to the Drama Australia community. Congratulations, Sandra.

This is our most prestigious award with only 17 previous recipients.

The recipient of a Drama Australia President’s Award demonstrates:

  • Significant, long-term service and commitment to Drama Australia (formerly NADIE) and drama/theatre education in Australia.
  • Significant service and commitment within a state/territory member association (including service on state/territory association management committees/boards and/or sub-committees).
  • A contribution to drama/theatre education at an international level.

Year Recipient

2001 Associate Professor Kate Donelan (Drama Victoria)

2002 Dr Christine Comans (Drama Queensland)

2003 Professor John O’Toole (Drama Queensland)

2004 Dr Jennifer Simons (Drama NSW)

2005 Professor Heather Smigiel (Drama Tasmania)

2006 Professor John Carroll (Drama NSW)

2008 Ms Wendy Danforth (SAADIE -Posthumous)

2009 Associate Professor Angela O’Brien (Drama Victoria)

2011 Mr Robin Pascoe (Drama West)

2012 Professor Brad Haseman (Drama Queensland)

2013 Ms Beth Parsons (Drama Tasmania)

2015 Associate Professor Mary Mooney (Drama NSW)

2016 Mr Graham Cox (Drama South Australia)

2017 Dr Val Johnson (Drama West)

2018 Dr Jo Raphael (Drama Victoria)

2019 Dr Richard Sallis (Drama Victoria)

2020 Professor Judith McLean (Drama Queensland)