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a long and adventurous journey usually marked by many changes in fortune.

As Drama teachers, our journey to improve our practice, raise our subject profile and face the many challenges along the way continues. While sometimes this journey can seem long and challenging, if we approach it with a clear direction and purpose, we can chart our ideal course.

Since meeting at Elevate in 2022, the direction of our focus continues to be placed on challenges at the classroom, school, state, and industry levels. It can often seem that fortune is not on our side. Scaling and its effects; contact hours in primary and lower secondary; the administering of the syllabuses; and advocating for our subject continues to be at the forefront of our practice, minds, and hearts.

Drama Queensland’s 2023 state conference ODYSSEY will provide an opportunity for you to interrogate, evaluate and rework the journey you are taking to start mapping your path and turn that fortune around.

The skills, knowledge and connections made at the conference will not only reignite your passion but also equip you to take control over the direction you will take to address the issues which you face within your own context. It will also remind you that you are not alone and while challenging, the journey is what shapes us. ODYSSEY will offer a shared space where teachers, academics and industry professionals will come together to share insight, knowledge, practice, and experience through keynotes, panels, workshops, and presentations.

We are standing on the precipice, and we are about to embark on an exciting new adventure. Come with us as we board Odyssey 2023 and learn together with your drama community how to not only chart a new course but to also change your fortune for the better.