We are delighted to be able to share with you past editions of the Australian Drama Education Magazine (ADEM).

ADEM is a practice-based publication for drama teachers, educators, and practitioners, published annually by Drama Australia.

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We hope you find value in being able to access these professional resources. Please enjoy ADEM.

ADEM No16 2020Download Here.     

Drama in the time of COVID;
Moving drama into the digital space – Jane Simmon;
Teaching Post-COVID: Using technology to transform your Drama practice – Jodie Jurgs;
Becoming an Anti-Racist Drama Teacher – Rachael Jacobs;
Flipping the power of storytelling: Committing to anti-racist storytelling – Doug Cronin;
Puppet pandemonium: Puppet play as a tool for self-expression – Olivia Karaolis;
Stronger Together – The art of staging a musical in a professional venue – Matthew Aris;
Whale Dreaming: an approach to ‘Teaching in an Aboriginal Way – Helen Sandercoe;
Growing Trees of Hope: Three drama workshops for exploring themes of hope and resilience in difficult times – Tim Phillips.

ADEM No15 2019Download Here

The Australian Curriculum for the Arts – five years old – John O’Toole;
Interview with Philip Taylor – John Nicholas Saunders;
‘LA NONNA’, a show about embracing and celebrating diversity, a reconciling of Italian culture and queerness – Nina Rossini;
Speak your truth – Amy Gill;
17 – An original scriptwriting play project – Richard Graham, Abby Valenkens, Tamara Sweetman;
Nina Rossini in conversation with Make A Scene Director, Rosa Campagnaro;
The Elements of Drama: Fractured Fairy Tales and Narrative Playbuilding- Chris Montgomery.

ADEM No14 2018Download Here

Process Drama: A sure way to ignite student learning
– Robyn Brentnall;
Doctors in Schools Program – an interview with Professor Helen Cahill – Nina Rossina;
Interview with Kate Sulan, Artistic Director of Rawcus – Vanessa O’Neill;
Imagine the dramatic (r)evolution
     A good revolution always involves a lot of drama – John Nicolas Saunders;
     Drama (r)evolving through pedagogical encounters – Associate Professor Mary Mooney;
     (R)evolving in the imaginative ecology of the drama classroom – Dr Madonna Stinson;
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander CCPs and The Arts – Approaches to Breaking Boundaries – Marie Ferguson;
A description and explanation of a character development system for young actors – Sarah Legg (Corresponding author: Robin Pascoe).

ADEM No13 2014Download Here

Drama Ark Project

ADEM No12 2007 – An Eight Year Retrospective – Download Here –

An Invitation to Cross the Curriculum – the possibilities for drama and cross-curricula activities – Richard Sallis;
Exploring the Deceptive Nature of the Media through Documentary Drama – Keira Louis;
Indigenous Drama In The Classroom – Maryrose Casey;
Drama Connections: A Community Theatre Project involving Kenmore State High School and Cherbourg State School -Sue Davis;
Becoming the Surgeons in the “Extreme Makeover” of Curriculum Reform – Julie Dunn;
Forging Partnerships and Building Communities: Drama at the heart of interactive learning partnerships between school students and students of Medicine and Education – Helen Cahill, Prue Wales and Dr Lena Sanci;
Throwing Out the Heavy Oak Desk: Formal Education Meets Community Cultural Development – Chris Pye;
Reconciliation Revealed: Connecting Themes of Grief and Loss through Personal and Indigenous Aesthetics – Sean Lubbers and Linda Ballin.

ADEM No11 2006Download Here – Contents:

An Invitation to Cross the Curriculum – the possibilities for drama and cross-curricula activities – Richard Sallis;
Doing Serious Stuff – Sophie Hart;
Drama Gets You Thinking – Richard Sallis and Jane Bird;
Working Emus – Zoe Grafton;
Tiddalick: The Frog Who Caused a Flood – Monique Comino and Danielle Pepper;
The World Beyond My Window – Alicia Harris and Kaila Baisden;
If These Trees Could Talk – Sue Davis;
When Cultures Collide – Lizette Stevenson and Claire McSwain;
The Chaotic Mind”: A Descent Expressionist Theatre – Tanya Neilsen and Ben Dervish Ali.

ADEM No10 2005Download Here  –

Indigenous Drama In The Classroom – Dr Maryrose Casey;
Finding The Ties That Bind – Andrea Butt;
Kite Theatre And Education For Reconciliation – Jane Carpenter and Kath Fisher;
Lost, Stolen Or Strayed: The Plight Of Children In Australia’s History – Joan Cassidy;
The Rabbits – Exploring Issues Of Indigenous Identity And Colonisation – Sandra Gatlenhof and Josephine;
Drama Connections: A Community Theatre Project Involving Kenmore State High School And Cherbourg State School -Sue Davis.