Drama Australia is the peak national body that represents and advocates on behalf of all state and territory drama education associations in Australia. All members of state and territory Drama associations are automatically members of Drama Australia.

Drama Australia represents drama teachers, academics, applied theatre workers and theatre in education practitioners at national arts and curriculum forums and in national and international peak associations such as:

 NAAE   (National Advocates of Arts Education)

 IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association)

  CHASS (Council for Humanities, Arts & Social Science)

   AAAE (Australian Alliance of Associations in Education)


Registraion is Open _ Kia Tōnui - Flourish - DNZ DA Conference 2024

Drama Australia’s member associations are listed below:

President Dr Jo Raphael

Want to get involved with Drama Australia?

•    Join your state/territory association
•    Work on your state associations management committee
•    Elect to be the Drama Australia Liaison Officer
•    Nominate to be on the Drama Australia Board

For more information, please email admin@dramaaustralia.org.au