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We are delighted to be able to share with you the latest Australian Drama Education Magazine  – ADEM No 19 – 2023: ANTiDOTE.

ADEM’s 2023 theme of ANTiDOTE echoes the 2023 Drama Australia National Conference. ANTiDOTE, as a conference and as a themed edition of ADEM, aims to open space for sharing innovative drama practice and research that acts as a creative remedy for contemporary challenges.

Within our conference and publication, we hope that considering drama as an antidote can help us to:

  • explore how drama education crafts hope, remedies and collective insights into challenges of living in times of crisis, inequity and change.
  • celebrate the radical creative praxis that underpins drama education.
  • examine new directions and effective methods that meet the challenges we face in our pasts, presents and possible futures.
  • hold space for each other, our students and our communities, to tell and stage stories that matter.

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ADEM is published by Drama Australia annually and is free to members of Drama Australia.

Please enjoy ADEM 2023.

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Editorial – Dr John Nicholas Saunders (Editor) and Dr Danielle Hradsky (Associate Editor);
Dr Oliver Fiala: A Man of the Theatre and Drama in Education Pioneer – Robert Love AM;
Playbuilding: To imagine, connect, restore and empower – Renee Adele Anton;
The Arts as an Antidote to Racism – Rachael Jacobs;
It’s time for Agit Prop Theatre! Reviving Political Theatre – Helen Sandercoe;
Ways to Collaborate – a snapshot! – Katy Walsh;
Unleash Your Inner Scorcese! Videomaking as Classroom Learning – Natasha Beaumont;
Staging Ideas: From concept to performance – Mathew Clausen;
Baskets of hope and inspiration. Working together to thrive in our drama communities – Annette Thomson and Kimberley Fridd;
Re-imagining cultural heritage through drama: a participatory project with older adults – Elena Viseri and Niki Nikonanou;
Forum Theatre: The ultimate antidote for these times (or so I reckon) – Matthew Stewart;
Decolonising Arts Practices: how drama teachers and practitioners can move away from the Eurocentric hierarchy of arts prestige – Bina Bhattacharya;

State and Territory Associations’ Year Reflections for 2023