Sponsor Drama Australia’s Publications

Drama Australia is seeking sponsorship from individuals and organisations to support the delivery of Drama Australia’s publications.

A sponsor of Drama Australia Publications will be acknowledged as a sponsor for a two-year period (2024 and 2025) on all publications, including NJ: Drama Australia Journal, and ADEM: Australian Drama Education Magazine.*

Drama Australia’s revenue is generated largely through membership of state/territory Drama Education associations, Monograph sales, and National Conference income. As a professional teaching association, we aim to break even each year. Drama Australia strives to serve the members of the Drama Australia community. However, the increasing cost of running an association is putting pressure on our ability to deliver publications which are so important for our field of drama education.

We invite members of our community to sponsor our publications. Both NJ: Drama Australia Journal, and ADEM: Australian Drama Education Magazine are open-access and freely available to the public. We believe this accessibility is important. However, developing, reviewing, designing, and publishing these journals is costly.

To purchase a sponsorship of Drama Australia’s Publications for 2024 & 2025, please visit the Drama Australia Shop.

Note: As Drama Australia is not a registered charity, sponsorship is not tax-deductible and is not considered a donation.

* If a Monograph is published during the publication period (2024 & 2025) Drama Australia will acknowledge the Publication sponsors in the Monograph too.

Sponsorship is $100. It is possible to purchase more than one.

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