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Doing Drama Research: Stepping into enquiry in drama, theatre and education By John O’Toole

This book is an inviting, reader-friendly yet comprehensive introduction to research in drama. It focuses mainly on the approaches to research used in drama education and applied theatre. All aspects of the research experience are systematically outlined and the text is illuminated by many useful examples and anecdotes.

Staging the not-yet: How dramatic ensemble creates utopian space By Monica Prendergast

Renowned Drama Education researcher, Monica Prendergast, considers the educational dramatic ensemble as a potentially utopian space. This engaging text provides theoretical foundation behind the powerful moments of shared experiences that offer glimpses into how the world might be.

Drama Australia National Conference Monograph Special

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Banking on Drama Education By Tim Prentki

A passionate and erudite argument for critical consciousness as an essential underpinning for drama educators. Prentki reminds us that “without imagination we learn only what is … with imagination we explore what might be.”

The Act of Dramatic Transformation By Bruce Burton

Legend of the field, Bruce Burton, skilfully places transformation and transformative learning at the heart of drama as “authentic rehearsal for creative lives”. Read about the possibilities for imaginative, symbolic and physical transformation in the drama classroom.

Live and Analogue: Theatre as a practice of social inclusion By Sandra Gattenhof

Drama research leader, Sandra Gattenhof, applies the lens of “social acupuncture” to an engaging analysis of two highly participative performance events by and for young people. This contemporary monograph realises the possibilities for drama’s role in young people’s social cohesion and wellbeing.